Emotional Intelligence training

Our workshops focus on the two core Dr. Paul Ekman disciplines – Emotional Skills and Competencies, and Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility. Due to the nature of these workshops, please do not expect to sit back and be lectured to. The workshops are highly interactive and focused on developing and building your practical knowledge and skills. When you leave our workshops, you will have new tools and techniques that you can immediately apply to your personal and professional life. We always deliver these workshops with two experienced Paul Ekman certified trainers.

Two core modules:

  • Emotional Skills and Competencies
  • Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility

While both are supported by the same scientific research around verbal and non-verbal behavior, they differ significantly in their application. To help you in deciding which of the courses is the best option for you, please find a brief description of each course below with areas in which the differences.

Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) – 2 days training

This 2-day course focuses on how to build constructive relationships through emotional intelligence. The course first gets you to understand YOUR own emotional triggers, emotional timeline, profile, biases and scripts, and how these can be managed to avoid contaminating an interaction with another person. The course then shifts to focus on the other and how you can see and manage their emotional states, scripts, biases, and reactions to support a positive outcome.  This is possible by learning how to read and understand the five communication channels (facial expressions, body language, voice, verbal style and verbal content) and how these relate to felt emotion.

Investment: €1155,37 (excl VAT).

Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC) – 3 days training 

Similar to the Emotional Skills course you will explore the five communication channels, however, here the focus is primarily on other people, whilst still remaining self-aware. The training shifts the focus onto understanding others better with a particular emphasis on assessing their truthfulness and routing out deception.  During this course, you will develop the skills to accurately read and interpret the five communication channels and how they relate to lying.

Investment: 1590,91 euro (excl VAT).


Recommended Starting Point:

Some people are only interested in one particular application of Dr. Ekman’s methods, and therefore they only wish to attend one of the courses outlined above. However, we do have many delegates who want the full training experience and see value in developing both sets of skills. In this case, we would tend to recommend attending the Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) first, before the Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC) workshop. The reason being is that the more a person is aware of their own thoughts and feelings, and who has the tools to manage these (something you will develop on the ESaC course), the more success they will have when they are required to evaluate the behavior of others objectively.

One of the most significant challenges we face when assessing the behavior of others is not to allow our own thoughts, feelings, and biases to cloud our judgments.

If you want more information, please contact info@woodlandei.nl